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Dec 2020 – Mar 2022

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Development of the Secure Service Hub (SSH). A cloud-based software solution for monitoring and controlling machines.

Various priorities were set as part of the solution approach. Firstly, the aim was to migrate the on-premise software solution to the cloud in order to ensure flexibility and scalability. Another important measure was the standardization of data structures to ensure the compatibility of machine data. Dashboards were also developed to provide a decentralized overview of the data and processes. A cloud portal was created to display events and activities in various machine parks in real time. In addition to data processing and visualization, multi-tenancy implementation, user management and clear role distribution were implemented to meet the requirements of different user groups. Finally, an app store was integrated that included third-party apps to make additional functionalities and extensions easily available. These diverse measures helped to successfully overcome the challenges of the project and create a more efficient, cloud-based solution that takes flexibility, scalability and the needs of different user groups into account.


The on-premise software solution proved to be less flexible for recording and evaluating data produced by machines. Installing and maintaining the software was time-consuming and costly, and updates could only be carried out manually. The different data models and standards of the machines led to incompatibilities and the solution remained an isolated island solution. These experiences underline the need for a more flexible and efficient cloud solution, especially with regard to sensitive issues such as data protection and sovereignty.

My Role

In my role as a front-end developer and UX consultant, I acted as a link between the development team and the design team. My main responsibility was to build a frontend application for data visualization. In addition, I conducted extensive code reviews to ensure the quality and consistency of the code. Test automation was also an important part of my tasks, automating both unit and end-to-end tests.

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